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Cannot connect to the internet via wifi or nic.

OS is Windows 7
This is a laptop that has been working beautifuly until the following symptoms came up:
I can see the network and I can see the laptop from other computers in the network, but internet connection is down. Already tested internet connection with other laptops and desktops, and I was able to connect with those with no problem.

I already reset the winsock,
I unistalled and reinstalled all network related drivers.
I already checked for malware, spyware, viruses with latest pro products and all results are clean.
I already reverted the computer to an earlier date, however that is not working.
I already tried the Windows 7 network troubleshooter to try and find and fix the problem. I cannot find any problems!

Please help, I am running out of ideas.
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Mike Kristensen

Format the drive... If it aint a big issue for you to do, then just buy the win 8 upgrade and format the drive.

Win 8 upgrade shouldent be very expensive, when having win 7.
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Hey Mike,

Yes, I thought of that.

I just use formatting or re-imaging as an absolutely last resort. I like to actually "fix" the problem in order to log it in case I bump into the same situation in the future. If I just re-image or format, I would never know what caused the original problem.
But I definitely will be doing it if a solution doesn't come up or if at least I don't get to learn the cause of the problem.
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have you tried completely removing all network adapters from device manager and then rebooting the machine?  If this fails: then boot the machine into windows, insert the windows 7 dvd and then do an upgrade install.
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I figured it out myself.