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3TB showing as 2TB & 746GB

Hi All,

I have 4 computers, 3 of the them see my 3TB western digital drive (in a 3TB supported enclosure) fine. 1 of my computers sees the 3TB disk as 1x 2TB partition and 1x 746GB partition.  Why would one computer see the disk as 2 partitions?  Is there a driver or something thats required to see the disk as a single 3TB?

Just to pre-empt any questions I do have the drive formatted as GPT and the computer that has the problem see Seagate 3TB drives absolutely fine!
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Perhaps there is a workstation operating system or BIOS difference?
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Is this 32 bit machine? If yes then everything is correct. Only 64 bit machines will show the drive as single 3 tb drive.
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You missed the bit about it seeing 3TB Seagate OK noxco.
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I think we may be onto something with the Seagate disk wizard!!! Just doing some more testing and will get back to you
He wrote nothing about the bit verson of OS. Just words about few machines. Did I miss something andylander?
Are you able to format that 746GB part into partition?
If it was a 32 bit problem it would show up with both makes of 3TB drives. It probably is a 32 bit OS but there again all four machines are likely to be 32 bit since a large drive only shows as two separate ones if manufacturer's workarounds are in place. Normally you would just see one 746GB partition (the leftover after losing 2TB) but they see the 2TB part as well.
XP 32 bit with enabled GPT support always shows two partitions - 2tb and 746gb. This is specific to the drive addressing used by 32bit.