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How to set 2008 R2 single domain group policy to force no desktop wallpaper

How do I setup group policy to “no desktop wall paper” for desktop computers and prevent them from changing it.  I have created a new GPO and under User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Desktop, Desktop, I have 11 items I can configure.  (Enable active desktop, disable active desktop, prohibit changes, desktop wallpaper, prohibit adding items, prohibit closing items, prohibit deleting items, prohibit editing items, disable all items, add/delete items, and allow only bitmapped wallpaper.
Pretty strait forward how to prevent changes but many in the company have already loaded personal backgrounds.  End result is I want to setup policy so that their current wallpaper goes away, there is always no wall paper used, and they can change it.  If anyone could provide assistance I would appreciate it.
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Thanks for your help!