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Slow loading of ASP pages


We are creating a portal that needs to run in a local intranet setup.
The Server operating system is Windows 2008 Server R2 64 bit. It is a Quad core processor system, with 8 GB RAM and 1TB hard disk.
The web server is IIS7.0
The database used is Oracle RDBMS Express edition 11x
We have created portal using ASP.NET 3.5 programmed in C#.NET3.5
The users in the intranet can be upto 25 concurrent.

We are facing a situation where a page that is supposed to load data worth last 24 hours ( about 10 records or so ), is taking close to 25 seconds to load in a client machine. This is the scenario, when only one user is connected.

The same page when launched in the server, takes about 30 seconds.

We have used IE 9 in both machines to test the portal page.

The speed is very slow & we have seen this in our client environment. In our office environment, the speed is less than 5 seconds.

The data gets inserted into the Oracle database by our other adaptors every 1 minute or so & we have history for about 1 month in the database.
The task Manager is not showing very high CPU usage but shows about 35% RAM usage by Oracle DB Server.

I wanted to know:
1. Why the slowness should happen?
2. Do we need to look at the network settings? If so what shall be done?
3. What is the role of the IIS in the delay? How to find out & tune the performance?
4. How can we improve the performance of Oracle database? How to optimize the speed for this?
5. What needs to be done to ramp up the performance for 25 users, if we get the speed good for one client?
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Yes I concur.
Changed the entire backed now SQL Server upon client request & we find the same functionality working very well.