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Keyboard Issue on Dell Optiplex 790

We have this problem with this one system. The USB keyboard keeps loosing connection with the system. The USB mouse works fine. You need to move the cable back and forth for the keyboard to work again. Sometimes you move the cable and the keyboard comes back and other times you need to remove it and plug it back in for it to come back. i have tried multiple brand keyboards new and used. I have put them in every port and it does not matter. I updated the system Bios to the current version and still the keyboard looses connection. The system also has all the software up to date. I just do not know what is going on. We have 5 more of these systems and they are not having this problem. Any ideas why this might be happening?
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>>  . You need to move the cable back and forth for the keyboard to work again.   <<  this points to a bad contact, in the connector, cable, or keyboard

test with another usb keyboard (preferably a known good one; or test this keyboard on another PC
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The only other thing hooked to it is a mouse and after speaking again with the user the mouse seems to also loose connection. Something has to be be going on with the usb connection on the motherboard. I will install an addon usb card and see if it happens then, if so I will call Dell and have them send me another motherboard. Thanks
Yes, if the mouse is having connectivity issues it definitly look like a MB issue.

Glad to be of assistance.