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Google has Korean Font - needs to be english

Hi. I have google and mac quad-core set to english in all areas needed, yet when I log into google analytics, it changes everything to Korean. Not sure how to change it back. Google searches had nothing useful. I need the google items for web stats so I'd like to fix. Shows in Safari and Chrome. Latest versions of each. Mac is 10.6.8.  Sample attached. Please advise. Thanks.  Scott
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All is United States. Mac set to english, google set to english. When I check my account, all comes up korean. If I clear browser and don't login, all is english. It's on;y when I login.
It's only when you log in that you can change the default language for your account that I mentioned above.
Got it. It was english in the first box but when I went another layer deep it was korean. THANK YOU!....
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I think you should be giving me the points for the solution.  ??
I thought I did. It should have been on your second comment. Not sure what happened. Sorry for the confusion.  Scott
Thanks for fixing that.  Glad to help.