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how to give grants on oracle types.

I created one oracle object type.
and created a table type based on the object.

now I wanted to give the grants on the above to another user.

So, I gave all privilege (using grant all on option) to another user for both.

then created synonym in the other user like,
create synonym synonym_name for user.object

create synonym synonym_name for user.table_type.


I dont know what is missing, but the object or table type is not accessible from java
from the granted user.

in user_tab_privs_recd, I am not able to find the object.?

what could be the problem?
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Sean Stuber

are you sure you didn't miss anything?

grant execute on user.object to some_user;

what do you see in the privileges view?

can you post something more specific? objects, errors, syntax used, etc?
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I can able to use that object in plsql developer test window, but when using from java,

getting error like : error reading collection,

but the same he can do without any problem in other user where the type is created..

I am not sure where the problem is.
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Sean Stuber

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