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excel question

I have several aircraft and need to use a curve to add value based on the number of flight hours remaining until overhaul.  The value to add is not linear.  I've put in the data and made a chart in excel, but don't know how to get the correct value added for each aircraft.

 Can someone take a look and let me know how to do this?  

Sheet one has the aircraft registration number and hours remaining until overhaul for each aircraft. Sheet 2 has the additional value I want to add based on the hours remaining (in 50 hour increments).

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What it does:


This attempts to match the value of B3 in the range of hour values in row 3 on Sheet 1.  The "-1" at the end indicates that it should find the nearest value greater than B3 (in this case, 1350).  The result of this MATCH is the column number that the match is found (18th column in the array B3:AT3).

The INDEX() function instructs the formula to look at the array of B4:AT4 on Sheet1, and then select the value found in the 18th column of the row 4 array (20000 in this case).
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Perfect.  Thank you.
My pleasure, John.  Thanks for the grade.