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Sharepoint 2010 Index File Shares

We would like to have Sharepoint index files located on our file shares located on other servers within our location. As a test, I created a new crawl source and pointed it at one of our shares. Sharepoint was able to index the files and return the results within a search. The problem is that it's showing results for items the person running the search does not have avccess to.

For example,
Someone who is outside the HR group runs a search. They are getting results that include item that only HR has access to. If they click on the link to view the item, the get a 404 Page could not be found. If the same search is run by someone in HR, they can open the file via the link.
Does anyone know if this is how Sharepoint should work? Or should it only show results that the searcher has rights to?
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pay attention to the comments of the above linked article, especially:

When SharePoint indexes a file share, it will pick up the permissions and automatically security trim results for users who do not have access to the files.  For this to work, your crawl account must be an account with read permissions only (not an administrator).