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C# TCP Communication Troubles

I have a basic understanding of threading and tcpclient however I am not certain how to best handle this:

Client Application must connect to a server and give it a login notice.

Client application  sell send updates to the server on an as needed basis

server will ask client to confirm that it's online and working ok every 5 seconds.

So do i use a tcpclient & tcp listener?  it all happens on the same port... confused....
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Thanks, I understand a bit better now.  So I could create a tcpclient to connect to the server at the given port, and then create a tcplistener on the port that is returned?
you don't need a tcplistener at client side, listening is just for connecting. The connected socket already can read and write into it.
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Are you writing both the client and the server?

Client Side = TcpClient for both send and receive to server
Server Side = TcpListener to listen / TcpClient after a connection is made