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BIOS update on Proliant DL380p G8

Just bought two of the above, installed vSphere 5.1 and added to cluster. Cannot vmotion vm's as VMware error says new Server is not compatible to this EVC mode - doesn't support AES-NI and PCLMULQDQ. No option to enable in the stock bios but several blogs say available in latest bios.

Have downloaded the latest bios.exe to USB but how do I install it?

Tried the F10 smart provisioning but when clicking on "firmware update" errors out and do not see an entry to update bios. Cannot find anything on how to do it either. A bit of a stupid question I know but it has been a hard week.
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what other hosts (hardware wise) are in the cluster?
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Thanks for the reply Paul. The other hosts are DL380 G6.

I had read a post where someone had more or less the same problem and the updated bios had the evc option enabled and fixed the issue.
what bios do you have?
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It was much easier when you could just update it all from CD/thumb drive
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Have downloded latest bios and created usb boot stick.  Was having a bit of a thicko day I think.

Even after BIOS update had to set EVC baseline to Nehalem to get it working.

Paul, happy to award you points for help.

Glad you got it figured out.  You probably had it at Core2 which doesn't have some of the newer features.  It's better anyways since it can take advantage of features in the newer CPUs.