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HP Proliant ML350 G6 Server

I have a HP Proliant ML350 G6 Server with (5) 148GB SAS 10,000 RPM HARD DRIVES 1 Drive Failed ( Solid Red light) One drive is about to fail ( blinking Red Light) I backed up The Server Using ACRONIS Backup & Recovery 11 to a NAS ( Network Attached Storage ) Drive. I replaced the SAS Drives with (4) SEAGATE Momentus 500GB 7200 RPM Drives. Server does not recognize SATA Drives. I Put the SAS Drives back in in same order I took them out and booted right up. How can I get The server to recognize SATA Drives?
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Your controller should allow you to mix SAS and SATA but I do not think you can mix them in the same RAID array.  I'll see if I can find some definitive documentation on that.

Also... what is the RAID level and are you running a spare?
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You can't mix SATA and SAS in the same RAID array thus you will have to replace your SAS drives with SAS drives to prevent your array from failing.
Oops - should have refreshed before posting.  Sorry.
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I'd like to replace all SAS drives with SATA drives. Instead of 5 SAS I will only have 4 SATA I'm not mixing them. And setup a RAID 5 with new drives. Them Restore my ACRONIS Backup image to the new Array .  I will not be using a spare
Like stated, you should either replace them with the exact same hard drive or technical equivalents or replace all your hard drives with the same Seagates, rebuild the array, and restore your data onto them.

I would prefer replacing all your hard drives because if 2/5 are going out, you're bound to have the remaining three going bad as well and can avoid further headache by going with fresh, new drives as opposed to keeping your aging ones (if they're getting old).
You will drop from 10krpm to 7,200 rpm though by going from SAS to SATA.
Yea I know but there is not a heavy load of data that needs to be processed.
Sata Drives are more cost effective
When Putting SATA drives in the Server  The RAID Controller hangs on looking for drives.
You are also trading a 3 year drive warranty for a 1 year warranty, which means you may end up replacing the SATA drives more quickly that the SAS drives.
I tested the Brand New drives in a diffrent computer the worked fine.
Is the RAID controller firmware on the latest version?
You will drop from 10krpm to 7,200 rpm though by going from SAS to SATA.

If read / response rates are a concern, then he should go with 5 SSDs:, great reviews and they come with a 5-year warranty.
Not to digress from your RAID controller hanging, but you may want to consider these drives instead, if that's still possible:, 5-year warranty
No the firmware on RAID controller is not the latest. Would this create an issue of not recognizige SATA Drives?
If so how would you go about a firmware update?
3 of the 4 Drives were recognized once but upon restarting server again were not recognized again.
Usually you can download the firmware from and either burn it to CD / DVD or save it to a thumb drive, and when you start the computer, you specify to look on the media for an update.

One of your drives may be bad out the box hence causing it to hang, but try the firmware update first.
I will do the firmware update and test the new drives again. Tomorrow and will repost on the outcome
Those drives are not supported by the HP RAID controller.
You would need to go with something like this
Momentus should half-work on a Smart Array controller, but they'll keep dropping out of the array. You can use Constellation with either SAS or SATA interfaces though and they should be stable.
I don't understand why the SATA drives won't work? In the server manual that came with server states SAS or SATA drives can be used l.
"Constellation with either SAS or SATA interfaces though and they should be stable."

Can you explain what you mean by this??
All drives are identical
I used same drives in a Dell PowerEdge Server. The whole instal went really smooth no hiccups. I don't understand why HP would be any different. Setup on PowerEdge also used SAS originally converted to SATA systems been running with no problems for over a year now nonstop.
I think I figured it out. I came accross this article from HP in a google search:

( My controller is a P410i )
I will give it a try and repost in a few hours.
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If I decided to go with Western Digital Would the Scorpio Black Edition Drives be ok?
Just checked the retailer " Microcenter near me and they don't carry SEAGATE Constellation drives.
Try this selector for WD -

Don't know if yours are 2.5" or 3.5" but the WD Black dissapear from the list when you pick RAID.
I read over and understand the error recovery Control but I don't  understand why it works on the Dell PowerEdge Server flawlessly for over a year.
Found the SEAGATE Constellation drives for 155.00 after shipping will order them ASAP
Depends on what controller the Dell has in it. Some are more tolerant than others and wait longer for the disk to respond. Safest are the manufacturer's "tweaked" versions since they have timeouts fixed to what the particular controller likes.

BTW, the HP article you listed is about the zero memory version of the P410, in other words no cache module installed. Firmware may still be relevant to seeing the disks on power on but I doubt you have the ZM version.
Found What I think is a good deal.
Hope these work

I updated The RAID Smart Array Firmware to the latest version

Tried the Momentus SEAGATE drives again they were recognized but after I restarted server they fell off the raid controller.
I recieved the hard drives ( 5 Seagate constellation drives ) and installed them on server. They were recognized by the RAID controller instantly and setup my RAID 5 + Spare. In the process of restoring from backup using ACRONIS Backup and Recovery server. So far things are looking great. I Appreciate all the help and think this Forum is awesome. THANKS A LOT.