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Access 2007, cannot see link tables in SQL Server 2008

I have several databases setup in SQLServer 2008. When I use Access 2007 to link to these tables from ODBC (External Data, >More > ODBC Database >Link to the data source by creating a linked table) and choose my ODBC connection (named SQL2) I see tables from 1 active database available to pick from in the Link table windows but do not see the tables I need from another Database on the SQLServer.
I have checked rights on both databases and they are the same.
What am I missing that these tables in a different database do not show up?
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Can you see the tables in that same database when using SSMS?
 Maybe user that you used for connect in ODBC can not access to tables that you want.
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I can use SSMS Tools to query data in this database from SQL Management studio. Is that what you are asking?
I was asking if you can connect to that other database with the same user using SSMS?
I can see other databases with ssms in SQL Management studio.
If I change the ODBC settings and set the the default database to the database I need I can then view these tables from Access (by going to External Data >More > ODBC Database > Link to the data source by creating a linked table.)

Any thought why I can't view these when the default database isn't set?
I am new to SQL server, is this normal to only be able to view tables from one database?
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I can connect with SSMS (assuming you mean Sql Server management studio) and see these databases.
When I set the ODBC Sql connection to use the default database of the database I want tables from, I can then see the tables from Access.
The problem I have is that from Access, I can't see tables from other databases at the same time. Only 1 Database on my SQL server.
Possibly this is a limitation of the ODBC connection.
I found that I had to create a seperate ODBC System DSN for each database on my SQL server and THEN set that ODBC connection to the default database I wanted to connect to. Otherwise it was just pulling in tables from a random database.