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Exchange ActiveSync Time Stamp

I've noticed on my exchange server that the time stamp on the mobile device window is 7 hours ahead of the time I make a change.

So if I sent a request to wipe a phone at 1pm there server says it happened at 7pm.

But if I modify a user account the time is correct.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
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Alan Hardisty
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You need to make sure that the time zone on the device and the Exchange server
matches. Also make sure that your server is set to take into account the DST
(Daylight saving time)
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alanhardisty - I am MST (-7), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

djsharma - They are both set to the same time zone.
Okay - so I was close, but the UTC timestamp is the relevant comment here.  All logs are written to UTC time.

UTC time is now 17:12.