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Exchange 2003 Attendant cannot load DsProxy....


I have been through all the posts, tried it all...  No Go.

Registry  OK...
Remote Registry...  Running.
NetDiag...  Runs
DCDiag...  Runs
Have reinstalled Exchange Service Pack...

I know there was more...   But nothing makes any change.

Event 2059

The DsProxy dll is required but cannot be loaded, error 'c00700cb'.


Event 1005

Unexpected error The system could not find the environment option that was entered. Facility: Win32 ID no: c00700cb Microsoft Exchange System Attendant  occurred.

It is totally uncooperative...


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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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Simple copy just the DsProxy.dll from the SP file or simply register is forcefully and restart the server and check.

If not happening did you have SP2 ? download and run again

- Rancy
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Seems to have done the trick with Re-installing Exchange with SP and sometime the download has some issues so download again and try

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It is SP2...  
I have recopied the DLL
I have downloaded a fresh SP2 and installed it.

The data files all show clean shutdown so I am considering removing and reinstalling Exchange.  Two concerns I have are remounting the databases and the mail waiting in the SMTP queue for processing.

And of course posting a commenrt does not work in Firefox

The databases and logs are all on a seperate drive...
Oh...  Nothing has made any difference...  Turned on all the debug logging but get no more information than with it off.  So I have no idea why it does not load.  That might really help...

Two concerns I have are remounting the databases and the mail waiting in the SMTP queue for processing - If DB files are clean check current Store.exe version and if after reinstall it should be same or higher and surely they would mount

I would say take a Backup of the files currently in Queue folder.

Did you follow any article for reinstalling Exchange ? Did you do anything with IIS ?

- Rancy
No...  I have not done anything with IIS...

Have not found any instruction articles on removing and reinstalling Exchange...
I know how to remove it,  I know how to install it, but I have not foune anything that discuues the caveats of doing both.

I was not sure if a new instance of Exchange would pick up the mail if I just dumped it in there.

So then the plan is... Backup the panding mail...
Move the existing data files out of harms way...
Completly remove the Exchange server...
Reinstall the Exchange Server...
Install SP2...
Move the data stors to the other drive...
Move the original data stores and logs into place....
Restore the pending mail...


Ok...  Of mice and men...


Take a flat file backup of all the files :)

Check version of store.exe and mad.exe (before you start with this activity)

- Rancy
Monkey wrench in the problem...  It won't let me uninstall the Exchange server while there are users with mailboxes.  Will I be able to disable the mailboxes, remove and reinstall, reenable the mailboxes and swap databases and have it find the mailboxes OK.... Or is that too much to hope for....

Removing with mailboxes could be where we either "Remove Exchange attributes"

- Rancy
I had forgotten that you have to do that.  You have to remove the mailboxes from ALL the users even Administrator mailboxes.  Doing it is not a problem, I just do not know what effect if any that will have on the outcome.

So the other good work-around could be to create a new Exchange server and move mailboxes around :)

This process could be long but just saying in short if you want to go with it.

-  Rancy
Hard to move mailboxes from an Exchange server that won't run....

All going along well...  Last thing it wanted to do was install updates and shut down...  So thats probobally a good thing...  That was 11 hours ago it is installing update 1 of 1...  there is disk activity (not cyclical)....  Appears to be doing something although I know not what.   I have seen these things take a while,but this is getting to be some kind of record.  It says not to shut it down on pain of death...   When is enough enough???

I agree its frustating more in times of help or assistance needed .... but if we kill or Hard boot we dont know what might happen :(

- Rancy
True..    Patience Grasshopper....   It's still at it.

Amazing...   I can actually connect with RDP...  Never would have thought that that would work.

inetinfo and cidsemon taking most of cpu time.

Have to look see what it is really doing.

inetinfo.exe is a IIS Admin Service Helper

cidaemon.exe is an indexing service which catalogues files on your computer to enable for faster file searches

- Rancy
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