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Wake on LAN require IP Address

Hello Experts,

I'm trying to use wake-on-lan to wake up a computer remotely. The problem is that I have the remote computer's MAC Address but do not have the IP Address (DHCP Client) and the lease expired.

My question is why does WOL need the IP Address (can't it broadcast the entire subnet?) and how do I obtain an IP Address if the DHCP lease expired? I using Solarwinds Wake-On-LAN and have tried others but is there a WOL program that doesn't require the IP Address?

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I've never used Solarwinds so I can't say anything specifically about it, but I WOL is layer 2 meaning it won't use the IP address anyway.  WOL sends broadcast, so every NIC is hit until it finds the matching MAC address.  Are you running the Solarwinds on the same subnet as the computer you're trying to wake?
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That's what I thought but these WOL programs require me to enter the IP Address. Yes, I'm trying to wake up remote computers on the same subnet.
Can anyone recommend a WOL program that doesn't require IP Address?
I just tried this one and it worked for me.

I used the command line for it, like this:
WakeMeOnLan.exe /wakeup 40-65-81-A7-16-23 

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I also entered the MAC address in the user interface and left the IP blank, it worked also.
Neither one worked for me. Do I have to be on the same switch? The remote computer I'm trying to turn on is on another switch.
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