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HTML-Form based to virtuemart 2.0.12f

Dear EE,
I've upgrade a joomla website from 1.5 to 2.7, also upgrade virtuemart component to the latest version v 2.0.12f
I had a HTML-Form based (Faturah) payment method in the previous version but when i upgrade the virtuemart to the current version i couldn't add it.

So how can i add this payment method to the current version?

Thanks in advance
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Can any one help me...
how can i ably
HTML form-based,  Transfers the customer to another server where he/she can pay in (but not paypal, in fact the server i am configure is not on the list to choose ) virtuemart 2?

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There is no existing Virtuemart plugin for Faturah.
You will need the Faturah API and get this plugin coded by you or hire a freelancer.
Check existing plugins code to get an idea how it's made.

You can contact Faturah incase they already made one plugin for VM2.

Good luck
If you are starting your project you may want to consider Opencart scripts...

Just to let you know that Opencart having a commercial plugin for Faturah.

This may also help you to create one for VM2.

PS If you really need Joomla there is some component for Opencart inside Joomla.
First of all thanks a lot for your help
I've been searching all the giving solutions
1- Faturah doesn't provide any support for joomla they just provide us with there payment code
2- opencart not working for joomla

So that's leave me with one idea, can i just add this payment methd (Faturah) directly to virtuemart without add it as a plugin, just basically add a link that will take hin directly to the payment pagr or that will cause a problem....
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Thanks a lot for your useful answer and your help