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Suggest an IT project topic, for a graduate school student

My classmates are working on implementing open data for a health care club. It's new technology. I need an idea on what to work on for my final project, for masters degree.

P.S. Basically looking for a project topic in an area that can be classified as "new IT trend".
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Forgot to add that my project is supposed to involve a technical solution to a business related problem. I apologize for not adding this earlier.
point 2. Would be such things as how to do least squares in excel, how do I turn off temporarily the firewall, a network is missing, how do I recover my e-mail, ...
You animate the cursor across a screen capture and see the next screen open, etc
data mining of course is the current BIG thing in business.
you can mine yout web response,s coupon requests, give-a-way responses, etc
IT project topic to involve a technical solution to a business related problem.

What exactly are you suppose to do? Programming in a given language? Or using a ready made software and make a project/implementation to get a specific solution?
Do you have any languages or dedicated software to choose from?

For example in industrial field there are many needs for IT technical solutions.
Some interesting projects that I have seen, which helped production in factories and therefore business, were:
- data acquisition systems with SCADA software which through animation send info back in the office together with real-time production data/statistics.
- optical recognition of the components in order to see if they are mounted in the right place within given specs.

But I guess you need something more simple than that.
What exactly do you know? On what knowledge base do you want to develop your project?
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Decided to go with data mining. I appreciate all comments.