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Asus p8z77-vdeluxe testing with i7 odd

when i run sandra 2012 lets say processor arithmetic. when the test runs the mouse becomes unresponsive, is that normal, for such an I7.

am on win 7 64 bit clean install.

all drivers added except the asmedia sata as I wasnt sure if that should in on.

am using corsair vengence 1600 and motherboard at stock speed of 1333

the hard drive is a 10000 rpm wester digital, however the bios reports that this is unconfigured and not sure why.

realtemp shows it at 29 degrees and goes upto 57 when running prime. also memtest showed zero errors.

not sure if the bios is setup correctly, it appears ok but i am not familiar with this board so if anyone has same board with same memory 16gb 4x4. then maybe you could assist as I am not sure if the board or cpu have a fault.

The behaviour seems very odd.

The drivers so far installed are chipset, intel and realtec lan, intel & asmedia usb 3.
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I think the utility needs to disable the mouse and probably also the keyboard for the benchmark to run without issues. After the benchmark has finished you should get control back. This has nothing to do with what CPU you are running.

Whether you need the SATA drivers depend on whether your OS already includes them, and also on how you setup the SATA controller within the BIOS. You can often set the Mode of the HD controller to use compatibility or IDE mode, or AHCI mode etc. For IDE/Compatibility mode you generally don't require extra drivers, while for AHCI mode you often do. Normally you have to provide these drivers while installing the OS (if you don't you won't see any HD's during setup and it will fail). Those drives have to be on a USB stick or CD drive for that.
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it says i can use the drivers from windows which i did, i have installed them now, maybe my expectation was higher than it should be.
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