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Allowing users to edit ranges using AD groups

We have secured an Excel 2010 Spreadsheet by using Active Directory groups to allow access to cells without entering a password.  These cells are password protected.  This functionality has been enabled from within “Allow users to edit ranges” in Excel 2010.

The problem we are seeing across a number of users is that despite the permissions being setup correctly certain users still cannot access certain cells without entering the password.  

It seems if I redo the permissions on these cells sometimes it works for the users and sometimes it doesn’t.

Has anybody had similar problems with Excel 2010 and using AD permissions to allow access to password protected cells without knowing the password?
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I will try to do some testing in my lab later on today regarding this. On a side note, have you thought about using Sharepoint 2010 or RMS for document management?
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I haven't had a chance to play with this in my lab yet.

Here are my questions for you?
1) I'm assuming the spreadsheet resides on a network share correct?
2) What type of AD group do you have assigned to the Excell spreassheet? Domain Local, Group Group or Universal?
3) Is it the same group of users each time who are having problems with this spreadsheet?
4) Have you tried to create a new spreadsheet and grant the same permissions to the cells to see if the problem could be with the spreadsheet?
5) Have you tried to access one or two of the users who are having problems with the spreadsheet to explictly to the permissions list instead of by group?

Let me know how you make out with the above and we can take things from there
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Thanks for the respoinse.

1) Yes.
2) Global security groups.
3 We only have two groups but the problems is always with one particualr group which has 20 members.
4) No.  Not an easy jo to replicate this partiular spreadsheet.
5) Many users are having this problem although it's intermittent.  For example if I redo the permssions for the group it will work but will suddenly stop working.
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