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Correcting a Report


I’m trying to create a report but I am having difficulty in presenting all the info available.

My sample database has a summary report, which basically provides information of monies spent in relation to the different categories and amounts committed.

However because of the way I set out the report I cannot show committed monies that have been assigned to Category G (see tbl_category).

Is there a way of showing committed monies for which no money has yet been spent?

Grateful for assistance.
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Gosh...that simple.....  :(

Thanks once again.

Just realised that you have changed the properties of the link between tables. Would it be too much ask why you did it that way.

Were my links incorrect?

Grateful for your comments.
When you like to see all values from one table, when you have no according values in other, you should use left join. When second table is also joined to some table, you also had to use left join between these tables and so on to the last join. In criteria you should allow NULL values.
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Thanks for the solution and explanation