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Linking more than 2 switches together

This question will bf a little vague at the moment until I can give you the actual Dell switches I'm using, however, I would like to get a head start on what I need to do - in general.

So, I currently have two switches.  On is in my cabel rack and the other is in my server rack.  All the user workstations terminate in the cabel rack and, in turn, into switch A.  All the servers in the server rack terminate into Switch B which is then hooked up via Cat5e to switch A (like an uplink).

I have been informed that a new office block is being built on the far side of our warehouse (away from the server room and any other office).  My plan is to have another data/cabel rack installed into one of the offices in the new back and patch all network points into this new rack and then add a new switch to this rack (switch c) and link that switch to switch A via cat5e.

Does this sound like a plan, or is there a problem with it?  The new office would be no more than 50m away from the server room.
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sounds fine
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Sorry for the delayed response - i've been off work due to illness and other reasons.

Thanks for you response fmarshall.

I have the following switches in our sever room.  In the Server cabinet we have a Dell Powerconnect 5324 and a PowerConnect 2724 in the data cabinet/patch cabinet.

My plan is to buy another Powerconnect 2724 and install this in the new office and connect this to an availabe port on our current 2724.

Currently Port 24 of the PowerConnect 2724 is connected to Port 1 of the PowerConnect 5324.

Am i right in thinking that i could just connect my new Switch into port 23?

Yes.  All the switches are GB Ethernet so that's good.
It wouldn't matter which port is used for what - so long as you don't confuse mirror ports for general-use ports or various ports on different VLANs.  That's up to you to set up anyway.
Cascading switches has its limits but not with as few switches as you have here.
I will eventually close this question :)  Sorry to go on...

I'm trying to make sure that whatever i go with is economical and the most obvious solution to my problem.  On that basis I was thinking, wouldn't it be just as easier to actually send Cat6 cable from my current data cabinet right over to the new office for each network point i require?  I think there are only going to be a max of 5 network points in the new office.

Am I over thinking things by looking at installing switches and patch panels in the new office (its only a portable office)?  I could cable them all directly.