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Act for SAGE 2011 - errors

My OS is win 7 prof 64 bit and I have Act for Sage 2011 which I use for contact management successfully.
Of late, I am getting error messages loading Sage or even by botting up.  Attached is an text file of those errors.  
Hope the Gurus could please advice and suggest the fix.  Thank u.
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I am not familar with this product, and I don't know if there are other Experts who know it; so I would suggest that you might want to try  The Sage help center

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In response to Cd& I hope there are others who use ACT and may respond. Let me see if help comes.  Thank u.
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Mike Lazarus
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It is advised to take note of your Current Database location before proceeding with these steps. To find your current Database location select "Help -> About Act -> Database Location" and then copy the PAD File path (I.E, C:\Users\Public\Documents\ACT\ACT Data\Databases\ACT2011Demo.PAD).
Note - Once these steps have been followed you will need to re-configure your preferences from the Tools -> Preferences menu.
1.      Close Act and Outlook
2.      Open My Computer/Computer and browse to the following Location
Windows XP -
C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\Application Data\ACT\ACT for Windows <Version>
Windows Vista/7 -
C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\ACT\ACT for Windows <Version>

Note - In Act 2011 "Act for Windows <Version>" is replaced with "Act Data"
3.      Rename the "Prefences" folder to "PreferencesOLD"
4.      Rename "preferencesBak.xml" to "preferencesBak.xmlOLD"
5.      Rename "preferencesBak#.xml" to "preferencesBak#.xmlOLD" where # is a number from 1-9
6.      Repeat step 5 for each preferencesBak# file
7.      Restart Act
8.      Select "File -> Open Database"
9.      Enter your database path

thank u.