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count *

if we give count(*) what is happening

if we give count(1) what is happening

what is the differecne.
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David VanZandt
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I've always known them to be the same for results, the latter looks at the first column for a row, and the wildcard supposedly grabs all columns.  Here's one "definitive" answer:
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Good add, aj, that's mentioned in the last paragraph of my reference, but it does help.
However, count(*) was always defined to be the most simple and best performing way of getting a count. Oracle did just ignore that fact for a long time (pre 8i). But it does not matter at all since (at least) 8i.
There can be negative effects for count(1) on other SQL DBMS, if they are not especially ignoring and converting that expression to count(*).

Baseline: count(*) is what you should use.
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