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How to sync / restore from my Laptop's Outlook to my Win Mobile PDA phone

I used to sync daily my Win Mobile 6.5 phone to my Thinkpad's
Outlook (using ActiveSync) that comes with the Omnia PDA phone.

I ran a software PPCPimBackup.exe to backup everything on this Omnia
PDA phone 2 days ago to a \temp folder & something went wrong:
a number of my contacts & SMS messages went missing after that.

Now since my PDA phone has latest updates, I can't connect back to
my Thinkpad, else what's backup to my Thinkpad's Outlook will get
corrupted too.

How do I restore from my Thinkpad's Outlook to the PDA phone?

What precaution can I take so that I don't accidentally sync from
the corrupted PDA phone to my Thinkpad's Outlook?

Before I start restoring, how can I examine if my Outlook's contacts
info (just to ensure it's Ok & not corrupt as well)?
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