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Indexing - Multivalued Columns


I have a query that runs against a table (4 mil recs).  That has a multivalued columns - LandLeaseType and Park

Park column has values such as: 'Attached, Direct Entrance, Garage, Gated, Tandem'

LandLeaseType : has values such as: 'Net,Lease,Fee'
and the query looks like this:

and ((Replace((','+mx.LandLeaseType+','),' ','') LIKE Replace (('%,Fee,%'),' ','')))
AND ((Replace((','+m.park+','),' ','') LIKE Replace(('%,Garage - 3 Car,%'),' ','')))

Is it possible to index these two columns?  If not, how can I optimize for these type of search?

Thank you!
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Éric Moreau
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it is useless to index these columns if you are using like '%something%' on these because a table scan is required to compare each values
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Thanks, Emoreau

... but can you even index a column that houses multivalues?  Unless, of course, you use fulltext indexing ..

please advise.
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Anthony Perkins
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Sorry Eric, this outcome was not my intention.  You had already given the answer.