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My OS does not work properly. One harddisk is defekt.  Have a another similar workstation.
Want to ghost the server over to the the twinsever. How to use the raidcard. How do I know which is the master drive by formatting. Is it possible to remove both drives and formate two new.
How to mirroring or ghost by using the network. How to recoknice the PC without OS?
I have some very importen programs I must save. And are not willing to risk them.
Will try to do the maintenance on a sister server.
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What I would suggest is to start the OS. Then using windows server backup an do a full backup to an external usb drive( you will need to buy this ). Next you will need to figure out what type of RAID controller you have and download the drivers from the manufacturer.
You will also need these on a usb thumb drive. Now I take it you have 2 disc's and are not sure which is bad. See if you can figure this out using the BIOS utility. What I would do
is buy a new disc and replace your 2 drives. Then I would do a bare metal restore. You will boot off of your server install CD
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I will try that. I got another problem by Windodows server 2008 2. By updating a program the screen turned almost compleately black. Not possible to se more than a few things. You can not read nor write. The mouse is O.K. How  to fix  OS?
Make sure the issue is not with the display.