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Do I need access to edit a simple .MDB file ? Is there another editor ( free ) available

Customer is using a lable ID printer.

It requires an access database - a  very simple one with just first name and last name.

Do they have to have access?
Is there another editor available?

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Convert it to an Excel file and use the table functions in Excel to manage it. If somehow the Label Printer requires .MDB (I have not run across this), either use Access or contact the Label Printer Support to see if they can use .XLS or a .XLS export file.

... Thinkpads_User
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MDBPlus.exe is a cool utility, thanks.
Yup, no install, just an exe so it's great!
If the list is that simple, then I would also consider going  the "'Excel" route as  thinkpads_user suggested.

I too have never heard of a label printer that "insists" on an Access database only...

A lot of small business will buy Office "small business" edition.
This will include Excel and Word,  but (oddly enough), not MS Access

Excel and Word are standard apps, ...both of which can be used to print labels

Word may be preferred, because it already has a label printing utility built in, (that may even support your label printer)