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WordPress not longer gives access to Categories

I have a wordpress blog and suddenly the categories have vanished.  I don't see them when I go to create or edit a post and posts that had 1 or more categories associated with them no longer show any categories other than the default.

I have been googling around and found people with the same problem but no consistent solution suggested.

Please advise.
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Which version of Wordpress are you using by the way and did you recently upgrade?

Categories used to be kept in wp_categories. They are now in wp_terms which the matching taxonomy of 'category'. Not all wordpress plugins use the right table, depending on which version they were designed for.

If you have access to the MySQL database (through phpMyAdmin for example) you can run the following query to see which categories exist in your database.
SELECT Te . * 
FROM  `wp_terms` Te
LEFT JOIN wp_term_taxonomy Tt ON Te.term_id = Tt.term_id
WHERE Tt.taxonomy =  'category'

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Just right.  i'm not sure how that got unchecked an further I wasn't aware of that option to begin with.

Thanks a bunch.  Just right!