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Problems opening SQL Server Management console

I have both sql server 2005 (wsus) as well as 2008( custom application) installed. When
I try to open SQL Server Management Studio Express console it opens for 1/2 sec then
closes. I run as admin and there are no entries in the logs. I just want to move the wsus
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I would try uninstalling / reinstalling SSMS.  The SQL Servers do not depend on it for anything.
Which OS are you running this on?

Windows 7 or Server?

Any errors in the event log?
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Windows 2008 sbs and there are no entries in the event logs.
To move the WSUS dabatase you do not need SSMS

run this wsusutil /movecontent

Are you moving WSUS to another drive or Server? Above command is for another drive

REad this for another drive

Read this to another Server
wsutil is good for moving the content folder and I have already done this. But it does not handle moving the database(susdb) which is what I need ssms for. What I need to do is move the datbase(susdb) to a new location ( detach and then re-attach ). If I could script it
that would be great.
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Thanks Still wish I could get the console to work or generate an error