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Why is this page not working on IE

Can anyone tell me why this page does not work on IE?

The navigation on the left disappers right after loading

Thank You
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I see it fine and I'm using IE 9.

"Home, About ThinkReliability, Training, Public Workshops, etc"
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This is what I see in IE9:User generated image
Paulsauve - the left sidebar is supposed to have a few dozen links in it, filling the whole page. I can reproduce the problem in IE8 as well. In firefox it looks fine.

In IE8 the navigation bar appears briefly.... then disappears. It looks to me like there's some kind of javascript running on the page that is interfering with things. The development tools in IE suggest that the navigation menu is dropping into the background.

I'll try and poke around a bit more with it. In the meantime, can you try disabling some of the javascript stuff (e.g. I see a "DHTMIAPI.js" file getting executed, not sure what it's doing) and see if it makes the problem go away? If so, that will help you narrow it down.
Paul, you're missing the nav in the blue column on the left.  But that's what I see in IE8 also.

@charlesbaldo, it's probably the errors in your page, the validator lists 129 of them.  You have quite a few 'attributes', especially file names in links, that should have quotes around them.  You have multiple <form> tags nested and that's not allowed.  And element names in XHTML must be lower case.  Do you have 'html' files interpreted as 'aspx' files on your server?
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Excellent Work My Friend!

yes its a band aid, but band aids stop bleeding and save lives and this one saved this page.  Yes this is an old old program that was made from a home grown content manager that still works.   In 6 months we will have a new system what we needed today was a band aid and you gave me one.  Thanks A ton