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Script to view installed updates on list of computers

Do you have a script that will pull all of the installed Windows update information from a list of servers such as a .txt file? Getting this to Excel in some form or fashion would be great. Thanks
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and psexec should allow you to run it on a list of machines
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This is a bit klunky and not sure how it will work when you run it against multiple servers (still trying to get it to work with testing) if it will dump a bunch of tabs in excel. I need to get a solution that works for pulling this data against a few hundred servers.

Still testing though, thanks
if the powershell does not give you what you want, you can write a batch to retrieve the uninstall hives contents of all your remote machines which contain the information you want

running a basic regedit command through psexec or directly using remote registry access should work
To List all patches on local machine
Get-WmiObject -query 'select * from win32_quickfixengineering' | foreach {$_.hotfixid}
psexec \\computer1,\\computer2 wmic qfe list
psexec @servers_list wmic qfe list

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I can work with this. Thank you
if you have time for a little feedback, i'm very interested in how you managed to run the powershell on several machines and group the results in a single local excel sheet, or how you managed to do something functionnally equivalent. thanks
Ended up doing this, then it dumps nice to a format where I can just setup a pivot table, and is fast.

Get-Hotfix –cn (get-content c:\servers.txt) | Select CSName, HotfixID, Description, InstalledOn | sort InstalledOn  | Export-Csv c:\Patches_Servers.csv
nice and clean, i love it.
it really looks like microsoft is getting somewhere with that powershell
thanks for the tip