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I am using a treeview control on a web page.  The treeview control currently does not have any directly associated CSS, however the page is being used within a larger site so I suspect its being inherited from somewhere.

Basically I wish to add some CSS that would remove the underlines as indicated in image attachment.

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Any suggestions?
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either post your source code or use a tool such as firebug in order to find the classes and ids associated with the treeview control and where the css properties are inherited from. then you can override or change the faulty property
I agree though I think a link would be better.  The elements on a page interact, especially with CSS classes, and we can't troubleshoot from a picture like that.
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Kiran Paul VJ
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Thanks for the points and grade.

If you need to find the exact height, width, x and y coordinates of an icon in CSS sprite use some tools like