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I need help removing a strange hover element that pops up in my menu CSS

Hi There,
On this site here
if you use the left hand menu you will see this massive red stick arrives if you hover over the menu items.

Where on earth can I delete or add code to stop that in my CSS?

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you url is in maintenance mode I need to see the source so you can take out of css the the element your hovering over and paste it here that will help
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but this should be very easy to debug in firebug. if you do not have this or an equivalent, download one

if you need help from my part, please paste the source code and the css here, or possibly save the html page as an archive and attach it
Please, give us a way to bypass the Maintenance mode page: without seeing the page, we can't help you.
When you find the page that is failing, please put it through the W3 validator.
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I have firebug but can't find it - maintenance mode is off so you can see it here now
these are your<span class="dcjq-icon"></span>stuff

apparently their contents follow the text of your menu items and are placed by a script or css at this weird place with the red background and border

i debugged it in firebug by doing the following

- click on the icon that will let you find an element on the page (square with a mouse arrow)
- play with the mouse to be able to click a red stuff. easy on a slow computer like mine, probably very difficult otherwise
- add text content to the span to check hypothesis
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Ray Paseur
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nice debug, ray ;)

actually, it is the right place and the rest of the block also set the span to display where it does. actually the left and top positions are invalid so i don't really understand why they would end up where they do
Very nice - thank you
Thanks Ray