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Windows 7 freezes after 15 mins of booting up but runs fine after reboot


I have an Alienware Aurora ALX PC. I noticed after the last week days that Windows 7 freezes  about 10 or 15 mins in after I first boot up the PC.

I do a ctl+alt+del but the computer doesn't respond! I have to then manually force the computer to power down by holding onto the power switch for about 5 seconds.

I power the PC backup I boot into Windows 7 with no problems. After I have booted into the second time my PC doesn't freeze up anymore! It runs fine for the whole day!

I ran Dell support and they advised me to run the Pre-Boot Diagnostics tool. I ran the tool and it reported no hardware problems!

Can you please help me with this?


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I did a little search on this machine and it seems that they have this problem a lot, usually traced back to graphics cards and/or power problems.
Then I wondered if perhaps you have some Service that is on a delayed start... like search used to be etc.
Have you checked the logs to see if any service or update program starts at time that coincide with your freezes?

Just a thought.
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I ran the Perfmon reliability monitor and as I know the problem has been happening since last Friday. I ran my Anti-Virus scanner and cleaned up alot of unwanted software.

Using the System Restore point feature I rolled the machine back to 6/11/2012 . Hopefully this resolves the issue. I've attached a screenshot of the Repliability monitor report.
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If this happens after 15 minutes I would look into sleep and hybernation. Make sure
this is turned off in bios and disabled on your computer.