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php regex matchgin from a text problem :s

--		insert into alerts.dbo.Smile_Users (msisdn, smscount) values (@msisdn, 60)
--		set @reply = @message1 + ltrim(rtrim(str(30)))+' يوما'
--	end
--INSERT  INTO cgi_sms_services.dbo.cgi_sms_in(msisdn, sms_code, message, reqport, smstype)
-- VALUES (@msisdn, '1000000002',@reply, 84474, 'Alert') 

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i don't want to select  if i have --[ multiple space ]Insert
i want only insert if is not have after the insert -- and spacesss

i have already use

if(preg_match_all("/([^-])(insert into .+\([^)]+\))/i",$string,$matches) )

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but the problem with spaces:
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