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Name resolution

Our network is set up as follows:
Network is set up as a Windows workgroup with no onsite DNS. We are using a hosts file and all PCS have a fixed ip. When I ping one of the servers by host name, I would have expected a reply with the IP address but I get the MAC address returned. Is there a way that I can improve network comms without installing a local DNS server?
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On a one of the computers, get the hosts file and print it out here. You should see entries like this:      name 1            # Main Server      name 2            # Brightmail Mail Server      name 3                        # Spare 2003 Server

Make sure you are using Hosts (not a different file) and make sure the changes are sticking (need admin authority).

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liokr is probably correct. If you get a address in square brackets, with groups of digits separated by colons, it is IPv6 answering. You can force ping to use IPv4:
    ping -4 -a WhatsMyHostName
@: Morpheus7  - Please let us know about IPv6. You may have legacy gear at the remote end that is not compliant with IPv6. I have a combination of machines from XP to Windows 7 accessing remote servers without (XP) and with (Win7) IPv6. No issues at all with IPv6.

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Hi both,
Thanks for your replies. I will turn of v6 and let you know