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Setting static IP's in Sonicwall and on desktop PC

I have a new SonicWall  TZ215 and I am using it as a DHCP server.
 I have no windows server.  Just small business with desktop PC's and security camera's.
Some desktops and cameras need static ip's (Act as servers for some things)
I have the sonicwall setup and working.
 However, when i set a desktop PC's Ethernet card to a static  and  then go to Sonicwall  and set static IP for that desktop and enter the MAC address for the Ethernet card of that desktop PC the desktop PC cannot access the internet.  

If I change the PC Ethernet card back to obtain IP address automatically and take static ip setting out of sonic wall it connects using DHCP.

What am I doing wrong ?
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I attached a jpg of a trendnet camera settings i used in NETWORK-DHCP settings in SonicWall.
I have same settings (Except .22) in the desktop. The SonicWall is set to DHCP server and is 168.1.
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