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Publishing a website

Recently I have built a website in one of our IIS Servers. I can browse the site successfully from the IIS Server itself where it is hosted. Now this IIS Server is on a separate domain in our company. All of our intranet users are on Domain1 from where there should be able to access this website hosted on Domain2 of the same company network. Now that the work is complete, how should I publish the site so that all users in Domain1 can view the site when they type from Domain1 in their browser? What are the additional steps that I would need to take to publish this address?

IIS Version 7
Hosted on Windows Server 2008 pages.

Thanks in Advance
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Not clear please elaborate
If there is a connection between the two domains, you could configure your domains dns server with an additional forwarder pointing to the dns server of the second domain. This would then allow users from domain1 to resolve dns records for domain2.
Alternatively, you can create a zone for the remote domain in your dns server and create a record for the remote website.
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Yes there is a connection between these two domains.

Are there any articles that I can check to configure this dns server stuff?Being a developer, I might have difficulty understanding this stuff,and so If I were to discuss this with the Systems admin people, what should I ask them to do?

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While sumeshbnrs Solution would probably work, I would not recommend creating zones in your DNS that you do not control.

You would have to create a zone on your DNS with the name of the domain2 (or whatever your remote domain is called) and then create the one A record to the website in there.

If for wathever reason your admins decide to merge the two domains further by e.g. creating trusts or allow zone transfer, that single record could screw up your whole setup.
So it is a desaster waiting to happen.

Easiest would be to add a forwarder to your local DNS Server.
Your Admin team will know what a forwarder is so simply explain them what you want to do and ask them to configure your local DNS server with an additional forwarder pointing to the remote DNS server.