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Check status of Windows Backups via whatever means

I'm looking for a programmatic way to check the status of the built-in Windows Server Backups utility when running on a Windows Server 2008 machine.

I'm happy with anything that works:
   - Powershell,
   - VBScript
   - Batch
   - WMI query
   - some combination, or even a C# application.

Basically I'm trying to determine whether the last backup (or X number of backups) have succeeded or not.

I can examine the event log but there's an awful lot of events that don't necessarily pertain to the state of the actual backup, which is all that I really care about. EVents like "Backup service has started/stopped etc." aren't really useful and make things confusing.

If you open the Backup program it actually gives you a nice clean representation of the last few backups and whether or not they worked. That's basically what I'm going for...

Any ideas?
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