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ESXi 5.1?


In referral to question:, two questions:

1. f.e. 2 ESX-servers: ESX1 and ESX2, this would mean I could run vm1, physically on local disk of ESX1 on ESX2 (using resources of ESX2 but disk of ESX1?

=> this would be a great value for my lab, meaning I could invest in SSD's and RAID-controller for my HP Microservers instead of a new NAS (budget-friendly)

2.What is the factor that would prevent me from upgrading to ESXi 5.1 (from 5.0)?
I understood it isn't just upgrading as in previous versions (upgrade esx (could try via zip now, didn't do it yet since last attempt via normal upgrade failed), upgrade VCenter & finished?

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Thanks! I ll post an extra question regarding raid config, but bout 5.1, there is a single sign on, right? Just want to upgrade to have feature mentioned. For Esxi 5 no problem with procedure. Same for vcenter? To have fastest upgrade: Just upgrade and skip single sign on?
vCenter Server 5.1 there is a function called Single Sign On.

Yes, complete an just complete in-place upgrade.
Found the issue with vcenter upgrade.. So, if that s all, with that solution, I m ready to go