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240 GB of "unknown" data on my Windows 2008 r2 server

I have a server that is showing 240 GB of "unknown" data.  I recently (two months ago) moved a large amount of data off of this server.  I have still to recover the space moved off.  
This is local storage.
The server's virus definitions are current and it is not showing any signs of virus activity.  
Shadow Copies are being used but limited by size.  All of this data is accounted for.
Does anyone know a way to see what the data is?  And is there a way to get rid of this?
Attached below is the WinDirStat result.

Thank you!!!!!

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Strange, similar posts in the past few days.  Can you confirm that this is not a page file?
Properties of computer, advanced server settings, advanced, performance settings, advanced check the cache/ page file settings.
You may want to reduce the size in steps, I.e. reduce it by 25%.

Then adjust further.  Be careful as someone experience an NTLDR error following this kind of change
re-run windirstat and run as administrator (right click on the icon and select run as administrator), post results
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240 Gb of pagefile ????? is that even possible ?

what settings did you use for shadowcopy ?

what does treesizepro say ? (free and ad-free from jamsoftware)
You running the windows built in backup?

Sounds like a temp file that gets created when using that app.
@skullnobrains: what does treesizepro say ? (free and ad-free from jamsoftware)
it is far from free (30 day trial) $52.95 for license, TreeSizePersonal $24.95

They do have treesizefree
The screenshot you posted of WinDirStat was not running as administrator so it was not able to analyze the contents of your SystemVolumeInformation folder. My guess is that's where all your space has gone.

That folder holds information from system restore and volume shadow copy, and previous versions (shadows).

What does it say if you go into the servers' Shadow Copy settings? How much space is reserved for shadows?

See this page:

The first couple screens show where to go to look at the Shadow Copy settings.
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I tried all suggestions, but it came down to the fact that WinDirStat was not seeing everything, even ran as an administrator.
A rogue admin took ownership of a few directories and removed the domain admin permissions.
TreeSizePro gave me the visibility I needed.

Thank you.