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covert website to word

I have been asked to supply my entire website in word format. Is there an easy way to do this as I have 150 pages to do!
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not sure what you mean, but if you have 150 html docs then change defualt program to word then select all 150 files and press enter, then all will open in word....
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When you say word format do you mean the code or the resulting HTML
If the latter then you are either going to have to do them manually one by one (several online tools for this) or pay for some software.
Why do they need it in .doc format?
You can only supply the HTML part in any case.  If you have any active code like javascript or server code like PHP or ASP, it's not going to work in Word and there will probably be things that are missing as a result.

Why do they want this?  What do they think they will be able to do with it?  It probably won't work properly as a web site in Word HTML.
id say they want the source code, both html and any other like javascript code etc not sure why they cant extract it themselves... only thing i can think of why they want it is copyright infringement
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No. The web designer wants me to supply all the html files to him as a word document. What I need is a piece of softeare that lifts the html code from the website and then presenyts it as a word file, with pictured etc on tact
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This may be a matter of clarifying your communications plan between you and your web developer.  Web developers are typically very creative people who are very familiar with making content and artwork look good on a webpage however they will need you to initially provide them your content.  Is there any chance they are underestimating how many pages your have?  

They may be recommending to use Word as a method of initially obtaining your content as it may serve as a common ground during the development process.  Operating under that assumption, I believe they may be recommending that you simply copy and paste from your site into Word on a page by page basis, allowing you the content approving official to review your content and make edits before sending it to the developer.  Web Designers will usually prefer you send the source art work in their original and uncompressed format when possible.

If this is not the situation, I would agree that this is a very unusual request from a web designer. If the web designer does not have access to your site, they typically would prefer the source html files and artwork, especially for a site your size.  It would be easier for them, I think.  Again, using Word, or even email, as a median to communicate a reasonable amount of content changes between developer and customer is not that unusual on smaller projects.

Good luck