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Dynamic Programming - Tiling

Here's the problem I'm having trouble understanding (I couldn't find a way to format it in plain text):

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I'm hoping someone can walk me through this and explain it to me like I'm 5, because I'm really having a lot of trouble in this class.

Thanks in advance
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Are you asking for an explanation of the meaning of the problem means, or of the solution of the problem?
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An explanation of the solution of the problem
For a dynamic programming solution, I'd suggest building a table to record whether a solution exists for the first x bits of t, using the first y tiles in s.
I'm sorry, I still don't understand. Can you perhaps give me an example?
Do you know what Dynamic Programming is?
Basically breaking down a problem into simpler problems, correct? And I understand that the solution to the simpler problems is commonly stored, or memoized so it can be looked-up later on
So one way to break down this problem into simpler problems could be  to solve it for a shorter t and a shorter list of tiles.
Okay, that makes sense. But what do I do from there?

Also, does the notation {0,1} mean t can only be 0 or 1, or that it's between 0 and 1?
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