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Fedora question

I am taking a Linux class and in Fedora when using the "SU" I ended up with "Bash 4.2" and can't get back to the super user.  
I reinstalled Fedora two other times and ended up in "emergency mode" - twice - and can't get out.
I've asked others who are familiar with Linux and they don't know how to solve either of these problems.  
Any suggestions would be welcome.
Thank you
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Hello ,
you mean that when running su command you only get bash version as the output right ?
su command is written in lowercase . have you tried " su - " ? this command should be issued when trying to become root .
so firstly you have to set a root password when completing the installation of the operating system. if it is not set you can use : " sudo passwd root " to set it for the root user .
it is a weird problem though. can you please post any screenshots ?
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How do you know you go to emegency mode?

Did you run command to see your runlevel?

Issue command

who -r

Also as mentioned above, try doing su - instead of su
I'm not sure what you mean by emergency mode, but if you're stuck at a black screen with a prompt in the lower left corner, try Ctrl+Alt+F7 or Ctrl+Alt+F8.
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I am attaching a screen shot for problems.  The top screen is the emergency mode and the bottom screen is the bash 4.2  
My root has a password
My runlevel is 5
I have the Ctrl+Alt+F7 and F8.
Hopefully the screen shots will help with other information needed to solve the problem.
I have also consulted the teacher who does not have any other answers than what you have already provided.
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Thank you for responding.  I will try this option.