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Powerpoint 2007 shockwave flash object loops

Hi all,

I have a powerpoint presentation with 1 title slide and another slide with a flash video that runs for about 30 seconds.
I am able to show the first slide for 15 seconds then start the second slide which plays the flash video, then after 30 seconds start the slideshow again.
This will be run unattended for about 3 hrs.

The problem is that the flash video loops even with the loop property set to false.
On each run through of the video it starts where it stopped last time and because it doesn't take a consistent amount of time to run through (because of loading or other) it gets more and more out of correct timing when the slide appears.

Is there a way to either force the flash object to not loop or is there another way to ensure that the video always starts at the beginning when the slide appears?

Thanks for any assistance,
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If the Powerpoint presentation moves to another computer will the flashback effect stay with it?
I just tried flashback and it did not seem to have any effect.
It installed and I ticked the boxes and initialized but the flash video still looped and started 1 second before the end of the video the second time around.
I don't know, then.

The Flashback add-in would have to be installed on the computer running the presentation.
I've just decided that flash video and unattended play of powerpoint 2007 don't mix so I've recorded it as a video and played it that way.
Thanks anyway,
It didn't work for my situation but would be handy for most.