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SQL Process Status - SUSPENDED


I executed a stored procedure via third party application. The script is as simple as “Execute StoreProcedure_Name” and what it is actually doing is simply pulling the data from a source table and insert into destination table. This procedure is running in ABC_Database

This process has been running for more than 3 hours now and becoming a concern to me. I run the sp_who2 command from SQL Studio and found the following:

      SPID            : 61
      Status            : SUSPENDED
      Command      : INSERT
      CPUTime                        : 2,184,752
      DiskIO            : 20,095,678

Now in addition to the above (which I am not sure whether this is relevant), ABC_Database log file has reach the limit of the log file itself at 39,000 MB and been growing.

The question is, how can I tell that the stored procedure is actually still running with no issue. Or should I wait for it to complete? Is the processes get suspended due to the size of the Log file that been growing?

What is it really happening here?

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Thanks Kent, I checked the source and no duplicate found. Could this due to the fact that the source view is using complex query?
thanks, yes you are right !