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Setup Auto Forwarding from outlook 2010 to my hotmail/external email account

I want to setup auto forwarding from my outlook (company's account) to external email account e.g. to hotmail

I tried to create a rule in outlook. The rule I created is "After message arrive > through the <my outlook> account and this computer only > forward it to ****"

but i am getting message that this rule is client only rule and will process only when outlook is running.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue. I want to create server based rule so when message arrive in my outlook it automatically forward to my hotmail account even when my outlook is not running.

We use Exchange 2007 SP3 and outlook 2010.

Your help will really be appreciated.
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The warning message is legitimate - the rule is applied client side - when Outlook downloads the message. This is probably not the behavior you want.

You need to configure the forwarding on the Exchange server side.

1) Log into Outlook Web Access (e.g. OWA, webmail) using Internet Explorer. Set up a rule there.


2) In Exchange Management Console, go into the properties of the user mailbox for your user account, then go into Mail Flow->Delivery Options, and specify that you want to forward your mail. If you're forwarding to an external account like a hotmail account, you first need to create a Mail-Enabled Contact for yourself.
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I know the second option you mentioned about creating contact on exchange server and then setup forwarding on by going on email account under exchange management console. After creating contact, even user can do themselves in outlook.

But because we have many users and we want users to let this do inside their outlook. Is there any way?
Why not use an Outlook rule? This would mean that Outlook should be running 24/7 for this to work effectively.
This is not practical, users may close outlook or shutdown their workstations when go home.
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Why can't they log into their Exchange account using OWA from home?  Many companies don't want their internal mail to be forwarded to an outside the organization account, yet you want the reverse? This could fail you on a security audit.
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