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installing local printer error

i have a windows 7 64 bit system.
i installed ORCAD and for this purpose the SW need to use a "local printer"
i'm trying to create a local printer via "add printer" -->add a local printer-->use an existing port (choose one of the virtual ports)
i choose "Generic" printer--> Microsoft publisher color printer
then i choose a name and when i select next i get the next error:
Printer driver was not installed. Operation could not be completed (error 0x0000002)
what can i do ?
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probably orcad does not understand the virtual port so can you do it without a virtual port and do it via a proper local port and see if that helps
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i have chosen a local port of the list ( i think it was ps and also PS1) , both didnt work...
the error message was when trying to create the printer, long before the orcad has the chance to connect to it..
so why did you call it a virtual port ?
my mistake....
can any other installed application use the printer

 0x0000002 points to a missing driver but it can be a bad pointer ie not correct error
there are other network printers which are working on this computer,
when i was trying to configure this one i couldn't succeed , in the middle of the wizard i got the error mesage
so what port is the printer currently on ?
she is not on any port now...i cant finish the wizard...
i will try maybe to create a new port..instaed of using an existing one what do you say ?
yes is this a network printer ?
ok try installing it on lpt1 ie default if that doesn't work try removing the printer driver and re-install it
Are you using a 32bit office on a 64bit windows? If yes then you would be using a 32bit driver on a 64bit windows. If it is a 64bit office try using print to file as the port.
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