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Good programming practise

For 3 years, I have been writing an MS Access 2007 based production/stock/invoicing system which uses SQL Server as the back end. There currently 20 users, but that number could reach 30 in the next couple of years.

There are 115 tables in the database and all the data access is done with ADO. I have been trying to be tidy and close the ADO Connection each time a task has completed. Some pc's are in constant use, others may sit there for an hour with nothing happening. So it seemed wasteful to leave a connection open.

Programming would be alot simpler though if I just opened a connection once at startup and closed it when the user logs out. I think the application would run quicker also.

Is there standard approach to this? and is there any overhead on the server if 20 connections are left open permanently?
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Ok, thanks for your help. I'll keep doing things the way the same way then.